The 4th International Scientific Conference “ICOHEMA 2024” will take place online, on the 4th-6th of October 2024 and is themed “Digital Healthcare: The Future is Now”. It is hosted and organised by the International Hellenic University. The unit responsible for the Conference organisation is the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Health & Welfare Management Units.

The Conference will take place virtually (with online live streaming), through Zoom web conferencing. Participation will be totally free of charge (no delegate fees) for all delegates presenting accepted abstracts/papers!

The deadline for submission of abstracts to any research track is the 30th of June 2024 and this is a strict deadline. If you wish to submit your work and participate at this great event, please make sure you submit your abstract by e-mail until the 30th of June at:

The state-of-the-art conference program includes: a) a high quality scientific research track with refereed paper presentations, b) cutting-edge keynote speakers and roundtables from the industry, the academia and the public sector, and c) publication opportunities in special issues of refereed journals.


ICOHEMA Facebook Page: